Group Members:
Ben Decker
Braden Becker
Chandler Smith
Julie Kameisha (facilitator)
Kris Cody
Sam Alexander
Jasper Houston

Ben Soule
Discussion Location: Mr. Stutzman's Room, 410


1. Welcome and Introductions: Name and grade level

2. Opening Whip:
- Favorite character
- Opinion of book (like or dislike)
- One word to describe the book
- What feeling were you left with after the book?

3. Open-ended discussion
- Share important/interesting passages
Specific questions:
- What was your impression of Tradd at the end of the book - did you lose respect for him?
- How did you like Pat Conroy's writing style?
- What is the significance of the first sentence in the novel, "I wear the ring"?
- What are your thoughts about Will as a character?
- Did Pig deserve to lose at the honor court?
- Does Will deserve to be a part of the honor court?
- What does Pig's suicide say about his character?
- How does Pat Conroy use humor?

4. Other things related to the novel:
Trailer to the movie:

5. Closing Whip:
- Lasting impression of the book?
- Would you recommend this book? Why or why not? To whom?