Because of the number of readers signed up for this book, the group is now closed.

Group One:

Alejandro Zarco
Alex Pride
Andrew Beatty
Brooke Hornney
Annie O'Neill- co-facilitator
Conner Lajoie- co-facilitator
Emanuel McDonald
Emma Egan
Sarah Gleason
Tucker Grout
Eric Anthony
Ethan Nightingale

Anne Tommaso
Discussion Location: Ms. Tommaso's room, 106

Group Two:

Graeme Gengras- co-facilitator
Joey Fortin
Liam Caplan
Luke Bray
Maddie Mitchell
Olivia Darnell
Patrick Grant
Paul McNeill
Carlene Shaw -- co-facilitator
Roman Himes
Wyatt Jackson

Jodi McGuire
Discussion Location: Mr. Borda's room, 104