Thirteen Reasons Why 1

Because of the number of readers signed up for this book, the group is now closed.

Group #1:
Kaeleigh Morton
Abigail Smith
Aizhan Gwynne
Alexa Sullivan
Andrea Hincks
Andrew Kinsman
Angela Young
Anna Smith
Caelainn Costello (facilitator)
Sean Cahill

Jen Erickson
Discussion Location: Flex Room

Group #2:
Cara Riccardi
Emmy Weinrich
Erin Clukey
Jillian Fischer
Julia Richardson
Teagan Snyder
Lydia Sullivan
Monica Austin
Nick Madrid (facilitator)
Noelle Yunker

Shenagh Tripp
Discussion Location: Music Room

Group #3:
Olivia Guzman
Samantha Rockwell
Sarah Miller
Anna Bouton
Sophia Chille
Sophia Harrison
Julianne Salmon
Veronica Handy
Melissa Levinson (faciliator)
Libby Thompson (facilitator)

Mandy Lewis
Discussion Location: Ms. Lewis's room, 109