Welcome to 2012 YHS SummerREAD Wiki

As you start summer vacation, be sure you know which book you will be reading for the SummerREAD project. Search the wiki using the search tool on the left. If you do NOT see your name, contact Ms. Hamilton immediately!
If you are currently in a large group, consider switching to a small group. Email Ms. Hamilton to switch.


Read the book thoughtfully and come back to school ready to discuss it with other readers.

FOR STUDENTS NEW TO YHS: Select a book to read for your SummerREAD assignment. Check out the books listed on the left and find summaries of the books in the links below. Once you have made your selection, email Ms. Hamilton.

SummerREAD choices - part one
SummerREAD choices - part two
SummerREAD choices - part three

Thanks! Ask Ms. Hamilton or any of the English teachers if you have questions.

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